Magic Items; Armor of the Owlfolk

author: Gary L. Ray
date: 2003-08-03
status: finished

Armor of the Owlfolk


Many weapons and armor were created by the Owlfolk, to fight the evil slarecians. One of these powerful artifacts is the Armor of the Owlfolk.

The armor appears to be a well tailored suit of feathers, similar to leather armor. The feathers are all black, except for a weaved pattern of black and white feathers on the front, forming a white lotus flower, the holy symbol of Erias.

The Owlfolk high priests of Erias took the armor a step further, adding their own touch to the armor, imbuing it with their wisdom and their skill at making peace.


Armor of the Owlfolk is a special light armor (see below), offering +2 magical protection. The armor also provides "Owlfolk Wisdom," adding a +2 to the wearer's Wisdom and providing the wearer the Negotiator feat (+2 bonus to Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks).

The armor has the following standard properties: +3 armor class bonus, +7 maximum dexterity bonus, No armor check penalty, a spell failure chance of 10%.

Value: 17,750 gps