Errata; Relics and Rituals II: Ring of the Eel's Touch

author: Jeff Taylor (HBovine)
email: (undisclosed, materials reprinted from public forums of Sword and Sorcery Studio)
date: 2002-10-07
status: finished

After going over my copy of R&R2 I noticed that they took a second item I submitted as well as Fist of Chern. I also did Ring of the Eel's Touch but am embarrassed to say that I messed up the item's powers description and there was a minor error in calculating the gp cost (and hence the cost to make in gp and XP). So, if you want it here is the corrected Ring of the Eel's Touch.

Under the 'Powers' heading the second line remove the phrase "up to three times per day". This was a left over from the first draft before I decided to make it unlimited uses per day but requires a standard action to activate (as described at the end of the powers text). The required Caster Level should read 5th NOT 12th (don't know how this happened)

The GP cost should 10,800 not 10,000. Obviously a typo as there is no way to get the item to exactly 10,000 gp cost. This changes the cost to make to 5,400 and 432 XP.

I am very sorry about this screw up and it is my fault (the editors kept my math and description for the powers of ring almost verbatim). Hopefully this will help you incorporate the (corrected) Ring of the Eel's Touch (which I use in my own campaign) into your game.


Jeff Taylor (HBovine)