The story presented below presents one of possible explanations of how Anteas, Royal Wizard and Grand Vizier :) got a powerful wizard to cast a wish spell. Anteas himself, though very powerful, is not strong enough to cast it himself. This particular story has been written by Joseph Carriker, the guy behind Sword and Sorcery Studio. Reproduced with permission, of course, from SSS forum. Enjoy.

Short Story; Anteas Wish Coming True

author: Joseph Carriker
date: 2002-10-18
status: finished


"Come in," the loremaster Elvoriath sighed, pulled once more from his studies. He was sure he'd never be able to accurately translate this old Empire of Flame novel - which was, quite frankly, starting to look more and more like a bit of Shelzari pornography - if these interruptions continued.

His apprentice, Uran, popped his head in the door, a shade of white that he'd never seen on the lad before. Perhaps he wasn't eating well.

"M-master, there is someone to - URK!" the lad yelped as a gloved hand took him by the scruff of his tunic and hefted his form into the air, shoving the door entirely open.

The Royal Vizier Anteas, master of the Calastian Battle-mages stood there.

"Greetings, Elvoriath. The Black Dragon has a request to make of you. A spell. A powerful one."

Elvoriath paused. Damn that boy apprentice of his; he'd been bragging to the other apprentices that his mentor had mastered that height of arcane spell mastery. He made a mental note to wish the boy mute.

"Of course, Anteas. You do understand that the spell is most taxing and difficult..."

"This is what I know. The land upon which your tower and precious library sits belongs to the crown. The guards who ensure your safety obey the throne. The Black Dragon spreads his wings to protect you, to ensure your safety, to ensure that you have the peace you need to see your studies to completion. Surely, the use of your most powerful magic would be a suitable way of expressing your gratitude?"

The loremaster swallowed visibly. Anteas smiled and laid his hand on the scholar's shoulder.

"Come now. It isn't as though we are asking this of you for nothing, my good man. You've the treasuries of all of Calastia at your beck for this task. His Majesty has found this task to be a most important one. And he is a generous man when pleased. Indeed, he has already indicated that he would be willing to give you ownership of this land upon which you now live. And perhaps even a small country estate, for when the liveliness of Vashon comes to wear on your nerves. What say you?"

The loremaster already knew what his answer would be the minute Anteas had walked into the room.


And there you have it.