Post from Scarred Lands Forum, official errata for Player's Guide to Fighters and Barbarians.

Errata; Player's Guide to Fighters and Barbarians: Increased Attacks, Archer of the Steppes

author: Joseph Carriker
date: 2003-10-23
status: finished

questions posted on Scarred Lands Forum by Ruemere

1. Three prestige classes gain iterative attacks (Increased Attacks extraordinary ability) at a different BAB rate (at 3, as opposed to standard 5) to the maximum of 5. I am not sure how to understand this:

  • are those attacks executed with primary weapon only? (i.e. you are allowed to additionaly perform attacks with offhand weapon)
  • do those attacks follow 3.0 Monk pattern (i.e. no offhand attacks in exchange)?
  • is it really 5? If so, and if it does not follow 3.0 Monk (i.e. you are allowed to performa offhand attacks) what is the official attack number maximum? Per 3.0 (errata) and 3.5 (SRD) 4 attacks with primary weapon is an absolute maximum for iterative attacks - does Scarred Lands setting officially lift/change this limit?

2. A class gains an ability to acquire bonus feats which are also listed in class prerequisites (example: Archer of the Steppes, Point Blank Shot and Rapid Shot are both listed as Bonus Feats and class prerequisites). Should those feats be:

  • removed from prerequisites?
  • removed from bonus feats list?
  • replaced on bonus feats list with different feats?

answered by Joseph Carriker (edited by Ruemere)

1. Note that the ability you refer to simply changes the iterative rate. This improved rate applies only to the favored weapon - off-hand weapons do not gain iterative attacks proper. These do not follow 3.0 Monk pattern - a character with these improved iterative attack rates may use an off-hand weapon as normal. And the limit is not officially changed for the general rules - it is changed for characters with that prestige class using that weapon only.

2. Urgh.

It was pointed out to me that for barbarians, the Archer of the Steppes
is Not Good. So, consider it official errata:

  • remove Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot and Weapon Focus from their list
    of prerequisite feats.

You can all thank Werner for that one. ;-)