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Magic Items; Scarred Lands prices and distribution guidelines

author: Nightfall_Sage
date: 2002-12-12
status: idea

Equipping nonhuman NPCs for encounters

posted 12/09/2002 01:04:39

It depends on the race I think. For instance, many others, such as orcs, ogres and spider eyes, don't have much in the way of master worked weapons. They are far too clannish. Slitheren, on the other hand, tend to work well and exhibit traits of humans, such as propensity to trade and exchange magic.

The magic items themselves tend to be relatively small. Potions and scrolls aren't that hard to come by. It's the other stuff, the "wonderous" items and others that are pretty extreme/rare to varying degrees. The spell casting can be much higher (depending on the region and the amount of focused spellcasting in that area.) Most villages only have a single priest (usually Coreanite or Madrielite cleric) if that. Larger towns might have access to masterwork weapons. Most large cities will have that. But there's no market for them. Most people, if they sell any magic items, it will be potions and scrolls and the occasional wand. These, one use items, are far more common than weapons, rods, armors, and other nicknacks.

Magic item distribution

posted 12/09/2002 22:20:16

Not to mention, many Slitheren are good at stealing away such items or finding lairs near abandoned civilizations that were high in magical resources.

I think that 50%-100% increase is a good start. But I prefer to do like this:

Potions in the minor to medium range (stop around the 40-45 percentilce), standard pricing. Arcane scrolls of 1-3 and divine 1-4, standard pricing. (This doesn't include paladins, rangers or bards. Only clerics, druids, sorcerers/wizards.) Paladin and Ranger of 1-2, standard pricing. Bards, 1-3 standard.

Arcane scrolls of 4-6 level double standard pricing. Divine scroll 5-7 triple standard pricing.

Potions in the medium to major, double standard.

Arcane and Divine scrolls of 8-9 level, triple standard pricing.

Minor wonderous items, double standard pricing

Magic weapons, magic armor, medium to major wonderous items, rings, staffs and rods, all triple standard pricing.