Prestige Class; Silver Emissary

author: Ruemere (Patryk Adamski)
date: 2002-10-21
status: test

Where do they come from

Those familiar with Scarred Lands settings probably heard about Silver Knights, a Coreanic order of paladins devoted to hunting and slaying evil outsiders. However, as the paladin ideals are very difficult to follow, and the tenets of Silver Knights are more difficult still, it is quite probable, that given small numbers, the order may choose to train and educate chosen few in some aspects of demon hunting.

These trained demon hunters are called Silver Emissaries. They recruit (usually) from among clergy, as strong faith is the staple of their powers. However, the strong faith being the only requirement, they may choose to follow different careers or adhere to alignment varying from that of a standard Silver Knight.

What are they

The following is a small prestige class, or rather a short listing of interlinked class feats, which can be taken instead of a normal feat at the moment of advancing the level. In other words, anyone meeting feat prerequisites, can take it. And, since the prestige class is just a collection of these feats, the characters may continue to advance any class they see fit.

Hit Die, Class Skill, Advancement and Class Features are as per original character class. Additional information detailed below:

Requirements: In order to be able to learn Silver Emissary feats, the candidate must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Strong faith allowing for opposing evil outsiders.
  • Tolerating evil outsiders or, worse, entering a pact with one will result in losing the ability to use Silver Emissary abilites until one atones.
  • Ability to channel positive divine energies (Turn Undead).
  • Knowledge (Religion) and Knowledge (Planes) at rank 1 or more.
  • Special: Long (a month or longer) training in Silver Knight monastery.

Class features:

Skills Knowledge (Religion) and Knowledge (Planes) become class skills.

Every time a character acquires a new feat through level advancement, he may instead take a Silver Emissary ability provided the character meets ability requirements.

All of class abilities are considered Supernatural abilites requiring Standard action to activate and Charisma score of 10 or more to use. They do not provoke Attacks of Opportunity, though they require Concentration checks (DC as per 0 level spell) to execute or maintain if the character is being distracted. The abilities are powered by expending one Turn Undead attempt. The expedinture happens automatically during ability use.

The abilities, unless specified otherwise in ability description, are targeted, thus subject to Spell Resistance, albeit due to Silver Emissary unique training, this check is made versus character class level total and with +4 sacred penetration bonus.

The abilities, unless specified otherwise in ability description, allow a save at the DC of 10 + 1/2 character level + Cha bonus.

The abilities mimick spell effects of corresponding names (see ability Description).

Detect taint
Prerequisities: see Silver Emissary class requirements.
Description: channel one Turn Undead attempt into Detect Evil (outsider only) effect. The ability lasts for (Cha bonus) minutes, does not require concentration, but yields only information as per first round of concentration of ordinary Detect Evil spell. The caster may concentrate to gain more information as per Detect Evil (outsider only).

Deny outsider
Prerequisities: see Silver Emissary class requirements.
Description: channel one Turn Undead attempt into Daze effect. This action requires a readied action against outsider activities. The targeted outsider loses standard or move-equivalent action (whichever comes first).

Turn outsider
Prerequisities: Detect taint or Deny outsider.
Description: channel one Turn Undead attempt into Cause Fear effect with duration of (Cha bonus) rounds.

Hold outsider
Prerequisities: Turn outsider.
Description: channel one Turn Undead attempt into Hold Monster effect with duration of (as long as caster concentrates + Cha bonus afterwards) rounds.

Exorcise outsider
Prerequisities: Turn outsider.
Description: channel one Turn Undead attempt into Dismissal effect.

Combined effort
Prerequisities: Hold outsider or Exorcise outsider.
Description: participants channel their energies into one of them (the person using Combine effort ability) to produce an effect (any Silver Emissary ability available to the Combine effort user) with a Spell Resistance sacred penetration bonus increased by 1 per participant, ability DC increased by 2 per each participant and duration, if any, increased to hours.

Hallowed ground
Prerequisities: Combined effort.
Description: channel one Turn Undead attempt to make an area sacred as per Forbiddance Spell (non-good outsiders and undead only). The effect lasts (Cha bonus) days. For the first day of the effect, the author of the effect is Fatigued and unable to use other Silver Emissary abilities.
Using Combine Effort with ten participants and expedinture of 100xp per participant, the effect may be rendered permanent as per Forbiddance spell duration.

Where do they fit

There are many popular archetypes in various films, where heroic servants of higher powers are thwarting plans of demons or investigating occult crimes. The Silver Emissaries are supposed to do just that - look for clues, help authorities with staging witch hunts and trying the heretics. When faced with overwhelming odds, they should call in heavy backup - the Silver Knights themselves.

Silver Emissariries are not compelled to spend their lives hunting demons. On the contrary, they usually get on with their lives, doing routine tasks to earn their living. However, their duties are often spiritual in nature, i.e. they often supervise flocks of the faithful, advise authorities on legal proceedings or preside in courts. They are always well educated, usually following Expert, Cleric, Rogue, Bard or Wizard class, though exception often happen.

They are not expected to serve Corean, but those who pursue Evil faiths are strongly discouraged. However, a Lawful Evil inquisitor of Chardun, bent on protecting his minions from temptations of the easy road to power, might get accepted.

Have fun.

Revision: 2002-11-16. Some minor corrections.