GM's tools; Mass Combat Fast Resolution Sheet

author: Ruemere (Patryk Adamski)
date: 2002-10-31
status: finished

What is it?

The PDF document available for download (the link at the bottom of this page) provides us, game masters, with means of shortening dice rolling time during mass combats, when thirty or more similar thugs exchange blows with characters.

How to use it?

In order to take advantage of this document, follow these steps:

  1. Calculate number of attacks (for example 33) and the d20 roll result required to hit a certain armor class.
  2. Find the most appropriate table (20 attacks table for this example). In the column titled ac hit on find the d20 roll result required to hit the armor class and roll one d20 (say, the thugs need 16+ to hit with their crossbows, and we roll a 14).
  3. Now, look to your right and find the first number equal or bigger than your roll. Read the found column header to find the number of hits (the found is 15, which translates into 6 hits).
  4. If you want to include Fast Criticals option, repeat this procedure for remaining 10 thugs, total the number of hits, and for every 10 hits (count full tens), increase the number of hits by 1 or 2 (depends on weapon critical hits multiplier - 1 for 2x, 2 for 3x and so on).

Pages two and three contain useful (campaign specific) information on fast unit combat resolution and forms to record the information.

Download the PDF (100KB) and have fun.

Revision: 2002-11-01 (Happy birthday to me :) ) - added unit statblocks and unit forms.