Feats; Augment Summoning

author: Soltares
email: not revealed
date: 2003-06-02
status: finished

So I was looking at the Augment Summoning Feat, from Tome & Blood, and realizing how much more I liked Monte's Conjure Mastery Feat from the Book of Eldritch Might. (I very much prefer the idea of summoning above-average specimens, with higher than average attributes, than somehow imbuing the creatures I summon a +1 competence bonus to attack and damage and +1 hp / die.)

But I was kinda hoping for some good alternatives for Hollowfaust and Penumbral sorts as well, so here's what I thought up;

Augment Summoning

This Feat allows you to only summon above-average specimens of the requested creature type.

Creatures you summon with Summon Monster, Summon Nature's Ally or similar spells (such as Summon Undead (Magic of Faerun), Call Aquatic Animal, Call Aquatic Humanoid or Call Aquatic Monster (from Relics & Rituals) have +2 Str, +2 Dex & +2 Con compared to the averages for their species. This is not an enhancement bonus, or any other sort of temporary bonus, it represents the spell actually seeking out a superior specimen of that species to conjure.

This Feat replaces the Augment Summoning Feat in Tome & Blood and the Conjure Mastery Feat in the Book of Eldritch Might.

Prereq: 5 ranks Knowledge: Planes. 5th level Specialist: Conjuror or 7th level spellcaster.

Augment Animation

Through experience and diligence, your creations are sturdier and more potent than those of a less dedicated craftsmage.

Your creations are superior to a lesser mages works, and have +1 HD, +2 Str & +2 Dex over the average for their type. This affects any animations or constructions that lack an Int or Con score, including Skeletons and Zombies, Golems and the Corpse / Bone Template constructs from the Book of Vile Darkness made with Create Greater Undead.

It does not affect sentient undead, nor undead, animations or constructs that are merely summoned, instead of actually created. It also affects items animated by the Animate Objects spell.

These bonuses do not represent an enhancement bonus, or any other sort of temporary bonus, they are inherent to the construct and represent that your animations are naturally superior to some random corpse that got dug up.

Prereq: able to cast Animate Dead or Animate Objects, able to craft Golems (ie, possessing both the Craft Wondrous Item and Craft Magic Arms & Armor Feats) *or* 8 ranks Knowledge: Undead and 5th level Specialist: Necromancer able to cast at least one spell that animates unliving bodies, such as Cadaver Dance or Skeletal Cohort.

Strengthen Shadow

You can reach deeper into the Plane of Shadow to summon ever more powerful examples of the local creatures.

Your Summoned Shadows and Shadow-template creatures have +2 Str, +2 Dex & +2 Con compared to normal creatures of their type. [Undead Shadows are treated as +1 HD in lieu of having a +2 Con.] This is not an enhancement bonus, or any form of temporary bonus, but represents the conjuration of superior specimens of Shadow life (or unlife).

An Arcane spellcaster also adds +20% to Shadow Conjurations and Evocations. This Feat does not stack with the effects of Augment Summoning, nor can the extra +20% to shadow- fueled magic boost a Penumbral Lord over the 75% absolute cap.

Prereq: 4 ranks Knowledge: Shadow Plane or 8 ranks Knowledge: the Planes. Also either 5th level spellcaster able to Summon Monsters with the Shadow template, must know at least one Shadow Conjuration or Shadow Evocation spell or 7th level other spellcaster.