Short Story; Fae Origins

author: Ben Paulus
date: 2002-09-23
status: finished


Master Nebeega,

While investigating the predatory manifestations of the creatures known colloquially as "sundered women" in the northern plains of Virduk's Heteronomy just south of the former Broadreach Forest, I happened upon an old man striding through the high grass. We exchanged pleasantries, and when I told him of my research, he began the following diatribe which I have transcribed as best I can remember.

"You ask me about the fae? Then you had better listen and listen close, boy. Everyone's got theories. But they're blowing smoke--pixie dust, faerie glamour. Listen boy, and I will tell you true."

"The fae--the dryads and the fauns, nymphs and satyrs, pixies and haunts, are born of the need of the land for a voice. A champion. A protector. It's not always a loud voice. But when it speaks, you best listen boy, 'cause the fae can **** you."

"The fae are Denev's now--have been since before the war. I've heard some say they come from elsewhere. Are not native to this world. Well I've also heard say there's water flowing into the oceans as comes from another existence altogether. Where it's all water all the time. Well all I can say is that its still water, wherever it comes from. And here or there, the flow that is the fae is still the Earth Mother's, acting as her voice while she sleeps. Oh there's some as follows the Huntress sure, but it's just cause she's active now. Gives 'em focus. Gives 'em something to do."

"You've heard the rumours, right boy? Of how the titans' influence waxes and wanes in great cycles? Well I think that's treading right close to heresy. But if it's true, then the forge wights and plague spirits might be nothing more than brewer gnomes nad butcher spirits left over from a forgotten age. Just don't be telling THEM that."

And then the old man was gone, and I was alone in the high grass, hearing something that sounded like laughter fading in the distance.

I believe the old man was actually of the fae races himself, but of what species I can only hazard guesses.. His suppositions are engaging however, and if investigated further may provoke new insights into faerie lore. For now I am content with informing you of the encounter, and continuing to pursue my current course of study.

Dutifully yours,

Aved Tonbrom, Journeyman.