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This page contains listing of web sites which relate to Scarred Lands setting.

The list is divided into the following sections:


White Wolf Game Studio
The company behind Sword and Sorcery Studio.
Sword and Sorcery Studios
The company who publishes Scarred Lands. Forums and online catalog courtesy of WWGS.


En World
The best d20 news site out there. Updated daily. Messageboards for those who want to join d20 community.
The WWGS - specific news service.


Nightfall's Realm
A forum on Mortality.Net moderated by Nightfall_Sage, Scarred Lands Evangelist.
Scarn.Mortality.Net is an unofficial fan based site dedicated to Scarn, the world of the Scarred Lands Campaign Setting.
The Scarred Lands Community Forum's LiveJournal
Quote: I'm your host, Joseph D. Carriker, Jr., and one of the bastards responsible for the twisted things in this setting. ;-)

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists (groups) set at Yahoo.

Fan sites
Web page by Josh Horowitz. Scourge of Ratmen campaign log by Josh Horowitz and Muffy Barkocy can be found in Story Hour section of this page. Submitted by Kiracat.
Scarred Lands, a live campaign in UK. Submitted by Hugh Rising.
The Collected Letters of Captain Galadaria Sharan, Officer of the Grand Army of the United Provinces of Darakeene, Knight of the Order of Mithril, and Peer at Large of Pelitan Forward War College
CarnivalKid's Scarred Lands Site
CarnivalKid's An essay on Scarn's Astrology and Cosmology, A little program to generate birth dates, Fist of Mithril Prestige Class, NPCs and more.
The Third Gate: Scarred Lands D&D 3rd Edition Campaign
Gary Ray's journal of Scarred Lands campaign plus documentation and very useful handouts. Let me repeat this for a good measure: very useful handouts (like languages of ghelspad, natural resources and so on).
Ian's Stuff
Campaign materials. Also for Aberrant and Trinity/Aeon.
1: D20 Magazine : Tout pour les joueurs de D&D3 et du Monde des TÚnebres
2: La Licorne de Tanil
Two French sites. Useful for those who know French (I do not, unfortunately) or need maps.
Phoenix Real website
The hub for pages of lady Phoenix Real. Among them you will find Scarred Lands & Forgotten Realms campaign diaries.

Story Hours

Story hour: a campaign log posted at one of the roleplaying forums. Founded at EnWorld, submitted here by Kiracat.

Struggle and Strife - a Scarred Lands storyhour

Scarred Lands: None Dare Call Them Heroes

Another campaign log, also reported by Kiracat (thanks!):

Scourge of Ratmen
Campaign log by Josh Horowitz.


A freeware, multiplatform (java based), player character generator for many d20-based systems, including Scarred Lands. Very good, provided that (a) you can handle java applications and (b) your computer is up to the task of handling this Godzilla.


Do you want your site listed here? If so, let me know at and I will add your address provided there is Scarred Lands stuff there and the materials do not violate copyrights.