Equipment, Weapon; Hornsaw Blade

author: Lee "Fevil" Scolin
date: 2003-01-14, 2003-08-11 (revised)
status: finished

Hornsaw Blade (Exotic, medium melee)

Price: 2000 GP. Creation cost varies from smith to smith and averages at 500 GP, Hornsaw Unicorn horn (base material, not included in creation cost) required
Damage: 1d8
Critical: 19-20, x3
Weight: 4 lbs
Type: Slashing/Piercing

This blade is the non-magical version of the Renewers blade. Although less powerful, it is nonetheless still a potent weapon. The Hornsaw Blade registers as faintly magical, as this masterwork weapon has been forged out of one of the horn of the legendary Hornsaw Unicorns. The foul taint of Mormo's blood, while too weak to significantly alter the nature of the weapon, allows its bearer to harm almost any being in existence (for the purposes of getting past Damage Reduction, this blade counts as a magic weapon). It does not confer any attack or damage bonuses however, and if given the Ghost Touch ability, it does not have any enhancement bonuses when used against an incorporeal or ethereal foe (thus it is merely acts as a normal weapon against these creatures).

The weapon looks a lot like a scimitar, although it can be crafted to suit the individuals needs. No smith carries sales of these - such weapons are custom made for those who were able to somehow acquire a horn of a Hornsaw Unicorn.

When the weapon strikes an opponent it rings like metal and can withstand the heat of a Smiths forge.

It is rumoured that a community of Dwarves who remained within the Hornsaw have mastered this art merely to be able to survive such a harsh environment.