Spells, Magic Items; Planar Vault Spell with Planar Spellbook

author: Soltares
email: not revealed
date: 2003-03-17
status: finished

So I was checking out the Lokilese Sages of the Phylacteric Vault, and noticed that the spell-list for the Planar Geography specialists included a lot of interspatial stuff. So I converted over a favorite house enchantment (made by Leomund, in Greyhawk) to be a specialty of these arcanists.

Planar Vault (aka Portable Chest)

Level: Sor/Wiz 3
Components: V, S, M, F
Casting Time: 1 hour
Range: Touch
Target: A wooden chest
Duration: 1 day / level
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: None

This spell allows the caster to temporarily enchant a chest with the ability to reduce in size, along with all unliving contents. Once enspelled, the chest can be closed and latched, and then reduced from normal size to 1/12th size (and 1/1728th weight) as a Standard Action by touch and a word of command. If the chest is not closed, it cannot be reduced in size, and it cannot be opened while shrunk by any force not sufficient to rip the lid off of the chest, which ends the enchantment and causes the chest and all things within it to revert to normal size immediately (with the chest ruined for future use, unless repaired). It can also be enlarged to full size again at any time, by setting it on the ground, touching it and speaking the command word again, as a Standard Action that provokes an Attack of Opportunity. (It will not transform if not on a solid surface, such as if held in hand, over someones head or dropped from a flying steed.)

The chest can be up to 36 cubic feet in all dimensions, and the standard is a 4 ft. long, 3 ft. wide, 3 ft. high trunk, and is typically made of a fast-growing wood, with nails and fittings of gold, costing approximately 250 gp and weighing about 60 lbs at full size, when empty. It is lacquered in a dark stain made from the oils of plants and animals with swift growth rates or size-altering appearances or abilities (such as the pufferfish or certain toads which bloat themselves to avoid being swallowed). When reduced, it weights approximately 0.03 lbs (treat as neligible) and is generally 4" long, 3" high and 3" deep. Even if filled entirely with gold dust, which would weigh 43,380 lbs. at full-size, it would only weigh just over 25 lbs (1/1728) when reduced.

Material Component: An oil extracted from shrinking violet petals must be smeared over the chest during the casting. It smells strongly of violets for the next few hours (as do the casters hands, most likely). Enough oil must be used to coat the chest, and generally costs 50 gp / casting. Focus: A chest of wood bound in gold (or sometimes specially prepared bone) of up to 36 cubic feet in volume, costing around 250 gp. The chest is reusable, so long as it is not damaged so that it cannot close tightly.

* * *

And for the Magic Item inspired by said spell, also a staple in my old Greyhawk game, and now to be ported over to the Phylacteric Vault arcanist:

Planar Spellbook (Pocket Spellbook)

This enchanted spellbook is twice the size of a standard spell book, 24" high by 18" wide by 12" thick (and weighing 40 lbs. normally) and holds 200 levels of spells.

It has two enchantments upon it.

The first aids the owner in focusing his thoughts and greatly increases his ability to scribe spells within it, such that each level of spells requires only a single page to scribe, and the process takes 1 day less than normal. For example, in a normal spellbook, a 3rd level Fireball would take 4 days (level +1) and 6 pages (2x level) to scribe. In the Planar Spellbook, the same spell would require only 3 days (level) and 3 pages (also equal to level) to scribe. (A Cantrip takes a half page and 8 hours to scribe into the tome.)

The second enchantment allows the user to utter a command word and with a touch (as a Standard Action) cause the spellbook reduce magically to 1/12th size and negligible weight (2" high, 1.5" and 1" thick). At this size it cannot be read, although it is rumored that one Lokalese scholar has invented a pair of magical lenses that allow him to read the barely visible script, even at these sizes. With a touch, the owner can cause the book to revert back to full size as a Standard Action. This allows the spellbook to be carried effortlessly.

The book has pages of sturdy parchment and is bound in scaled leathery hide magically & alchemically treated to be as strong as bronze and resistant to both fire and water damage. When fastened closed, it is water tight, and the pages are not subject to any force or substance which cannot bypass the stout covers. Due to the treatments, the leather of the cover must be oiled regularly to keep it resistant to flame and water, and from drying out and cracking, and as a result, the corners of the pages are often stained from traces of such oils lingering on its owners fingers. The non-flammable oils used in this process can be created alchemically (DC 10) and are of minimal cost.

Some versions of this book are also modified by an Open / Close enchantment, allowing the user at any time within Close range to order them to flip open (and to a desired page) or close and latch themselves shut. At least one version has it's own double-strength Unseen Servant (which is replaced in 24 hours if destroyed and can lift the book alone, nothing else of any weight) that lugs it around and floats it before the caster in response to his will. Caster level: 12th. Prerequisites: Perfect Recollection, Planar Vault, Open / Close (opt), Unseen Servant (opt).

Market Price: 2,500 gp or more, depending on optional other spells.

[Price dubious, compare to Blessed Book, 1 lb and 45 spells of any level, 5000 gp.]